Good Foundations for Good Fruit


Helping agricultural and rural communities to flourish by establishing good foundations and nurturing growth to ensure good fruit.

Our Strategy

Planting GF4GF Centres (small multipurpose training farms) to:

  • demonstrate Living and Farming God’s Way;
  • establish a safe and supportive family environment to change lives and transfer skills;
  • to raise a new generation of local leaders with skills and integrity to positively impact their community;
  • establish a new generation of farmers and farm workers who are equipped with knowledge, skills, work experience, integrity and biblical values; (See Abangani Project)
  • provide a physical place to add value to the rural economy through agriculture and business.

How and Why do we do it?

  • Restore and build relationships with God, people and creation;
  • Equip people with Biblical morals and values;
  • Heal emotional scars and wounds;
  • Foster unity across all divides;
  • Prepare and equip people for healthy marriages and families;
  • Hold people accountable for assigned responsibilities;
  • Train people in sound business principles and biblical work ethics.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and holistic well-being;
  • Transfer our spiritual DNA based on God’s Way principles to others, especially young leaders;
  • Bring post-matriculants into a healthy, intimate spiritual family for a GoodYear, disciple them holistically and, through them, reaching out to schools, communities and farms; (See GoodYear Program)
  • Transfer root and life skills, mainly through multiple short courses to GoodYear-students, farmers, farm workers and community members;
  • Farm to produce own food, generate an income to sustain GF4GF centres and provide practical workplace experience for upcoming farmers: bridging the gap between basic and further education, and further education and the workplace; (See Abangani Project)
  • Develop a network of GF4GF Centres that share resources and expertise;
  • Water our efforts with continuous prayers.
  • The country with productive citizens and young leaders who have skills and integrity;
  • The economy with food production and job creation;
  • The agri-community with a new generation of Christian farmers, who have theoretical knowledge, biblical values and practical farming experience;
  • Rural communities with more GF4GF Centres throughout SA and Africa;
  • Local schools with programmes aimed at building character and developing values;
  • The poor with bursaries to lift them out of poverty through education;
  • The body of Christ with mature believers and labourers to bring in the harvest;
  • The Kingdom of God with a demonstration of Living and Farming God’s Way.

Our Objectives

  • Laying good foundations for good fruit
  • Demonstrating our proclamation regarding Living and Farming God’s Way
  • Coach, mentor, teach and empower rural and agricultural communities towards a Kingdom lifestyle
  • Unlocking the potential of rural and agricultural communities through strategic partnerships in transformational community development
  • Establishing a new generation of farmers, well equipped with knowledge, skills, integrity and biblical values
  • Financially supporting disadvantaged youth for training at GF4GF centres and/or further studies.
  • Planting GF4GF Centres across South Africa and Africa
  • Generating wealth through agriculture and business to further the above mentioned goals


With the GoodYear program we bring post-matriculants into a healthy, intimate spiritual family for a GoodYear on a GF4GF Centre.  As far as possible we establish Good Foundations in their lives.  We disciple them holistically and, through them, reaching out to schools, communities and farms.

The transfer of root and life skills to GoodYear students, mainly through a multiple short courses and hard work, aims at reaching 12 specific outcomes.

12 Outcomes GF4GF Centres wish to achieve

1. Delivered / Saved

2. Meaningful devotional time

3. Healed / Healthily

4. Free / Victorious

5. Biblical values

6. Disciplemaking disciples

7. Biblical Work Ethics

8. Life Skills

9. Equipped for healthy marriages and families

10. Career counseling and vocational skills

11. Leadership (Integrity and skills)

12. To be a blessing

Values Program

The Values Program instill 5 biblical values into the GoodYear Students lives.  The GoodYear students in turn present the Values Program to school kids in a relevant format.

Trustworthy + Respectful + Responsible + Fair + Caring = Good Citizen

Apostolic Business Family

Apostolic (Being sent)

Sent by King Jesus to make disciples in the marketplace and to establish His reign in the agri- and rural communities of SA and Africa through the planting of more and more GF4GF Centres.

Do Business:

  • produce
  • provide training
  • adding value

Faith community

sharing the same vision and values:

  • fathers and mothers
  • brothers and sisters