Social Justice Outreach

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It is with great joy that w have the opportunity to write this letter to you. As a leader at Willows GF4GF Centre we understand the pressing need for young leaders. It is no secret that our rural communities are in desperate need of leadership and social justice training. Willows GF4GF Centre NPC addresses this crisis through the GoodYear programme. Young people that are part of this programme are finding hope and getting the skills they need to change the status quo and break out of their circumstances.

As part of this program it is necessary to engage the students in activities that broaden their world view and develop them into Good Citizens. Thus, we are planning a social justice outreach to Cape Town. This can’t take place unless we have the support of our community. We would like to partner with you in this endeavour.

We currently need to raise R25 000 by the 25 August 2018 so that we can pay for transport, food, accommodation and excursions (lectures that we will take at different venues). We will also need a small allowance for thank you gifts for our hosts and some educational sightseeing (this will be the first time that the students will travel to Cape Town).

This trip aims to bring about the following key benefits for the beneficiaries:

  • Educate and raise awareness about various social justice and human rights issues.
  • Equip the team with knowledge, skills and resources that can empower them to stand up for their human rights while still knowing their responsibilities.
  • Equip them to be “change agents” in their communities, becoming advocates for a more just and equal world.
  • Engaging with new life experiences, while finding joy in the little things.
  • Be a cultural emersion for the student as they will interact with different young people from Cape Town.

How will this benefit you, as sponsor?

  • Your donation may qualify for section 18A tax certificate exemption.
  • This can meet your youth development goals.
  • Our beneficiaries are 100% BBBEE, counting to your BBBEE score card.
  • On return the team will have the experience and equipment to effectively raise awareness about human rights and responsibilities in the communities.

At GoodYear, positive values are the absolute core of what we teach our students. The result of applying such values is good citizenship. One cannot be a good citizen of the South African democracy without a healthy understanding of social justice and human rights as well as understanding ones responsibilities as a citizen. We believe that this outing is crucial for these students who are being raised as leaders in their communities.

If you would like to sit down and have a personal discussion regarding this project or if you would like any further information, you can contact me (Jill) directly at 0731627274 or email: