Nelson Mandela Month campaign

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Campaign Duration: 28 Days Left

Since we are so far away for the rest of urban society (CT 9ookm, BFN 460km, JNB 860km) that actively participate in donating time for charities we have come up with a virtual way for you to contribute to Nelson #MandelaDay at Palms GF4GF Centre. Instead of you driving 4-12 hours to donate 67 minutes, rather donate 67 minutes of your hourly rate, and we will in turn employ an equivalent amount of currently unemployed people in our area for an equal amount of time.

Click on the white Donate now button to join.

What do we need to do:

  • Prune our vineyard = 1600 man hours (The vineyard assists us to annually self generate 3-5% of our financial needs +  provide seasonal work for 20 people from January to March (depending on the harvest))
  • Establish 1/4 ha pecan nut nursery = ± 2000 man hours (The nursery assists us to self generate 10% of our financial needs. In addition to that it provides good quality locally produced pecan nut trees which upcoming commercial farmers can kick start their farming enterprises with.)

For more information contact fanie at